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Experience the best technology and the best services.



Eyelid, Nose, Cheekbone, Square jaw, Mandibular prognathism, Two jaw
surgery, Wrinkles,Face-lift (Sagged skin), Stem cell fat injection, Botox.



Peeling,The treatment of Scar,The treatment of Acne, The treatment of Melasma & Pigment, Anti-aging & skin elasticity



Breast augmentation, Breast lifting, Sagged hip



Gastroscope, Blood test (Cancer awareness test), Urine test, Ultasonography, Chest X-Rays, Electrocardiogram, Endoscope of Large intestine, MRI, CT etc.


Cataract, Glaucoma, LASIK/LASEK


Whitening(with scaling), Cavity treatment


Herbal medicine, Backbone correctio, Acupuncture


-Korea medical technology has already reached international levels in various sectors.

-All these advanced services are available at affordable prices.