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Taejongdae is a costal region which is made up 250m heights of rocks. It has developed as a tourist spot and tourists keep visiting this place. If the weather is nice, you can see Tsushima island, Japan. There are Jagalchi market and Songdo amusementpark near Taejongdae.





Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was built in 1376 and is located in the southernmost in East sea. Although it is placed in the middle of mountains, you can see sea water is splashing under your feet. So it is right to call it "Water-temple".




Nurimaru House

This place held 2005 APEC Summit. This place is famous for spectacular scenery of entire of Busan and you can see Kwangandaegyo, Oryuckdo, symbol of Busan. Reflecting in the sea is fascinating in the night.





Bulguksa Temple.

Bulguksa Temple was constructed in 528 and it was registered on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List. Inside of the temple, there are many national treasures and relics including Seokgatap and Dabotap and there keep sorrowful legends and the splendid time of Sinla Dynasty.






Anapji Pond

Anapji Pond is made in Shilla Dynasty by Royal family. This place was used as a banquet hall and when the pond was discovered, many relics were dredged up.



O-neung is a huge grave mound and it is said this is a grave mound of ParkHuckgusae's, the founder of Shilla. Its mode is a circular burial mound and its height is 7.3m and diameter is 39m. Shinlla Gold Crown was discovered in here and you can see inside of the huge grave mound.