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It is unique place where it is symbolized as a tragedy of the division of the Korean peninsula. There is an observation tower so you can see the beautiful places such as ImJin river and the Freedom Bridge. There is Unification Park which has an Anticommunism pavilion, a war record monument.





Dorasun Station

Dorasun Station is located the northernmost part in South Korea and if South Korea and North Korea is unified, it will be the station where South Korea lines and North Korea lines are connected. It required special proceduure to enter because this place is a restricted area. There is no a regular train, connected South Korea and North Korea so it is not been used.




The 3rd underground tunnel

This tunnel was digged to invade South Korea by North Korea and was found in 1978. Its width is 2m and its hight is 2m. Its depth is 73m. Total length is 1635m. Around 30,000 solders can move through this tunnel.




Mt. Odu observatory

This observatory is the place where you can see North Korea closely. It is used as security education place. You can see Gaesung, North Korea area, and there are "exhibit hall for North Korea" "North Korean life experience room" " Movie room for North Korea" and so on.






During Mongolia invasion, Gwongeumseong was built on the top of the mountain to flee. However, Gwongeumseong was almost destroyed and there are only traces of the castle. Cable-Car is installed so you can see magnificent scenery.




Ojukheon is historical place where Lee yi, Sungri scholar in Jeosun Dinasty, was born. His mother, Sinsayimdang, was good at painting and calligaraphy.

She is a model of Korean motherhood and her portrait is printed in Korean currency.


Naksansa Temple

Naksansa Temple was built in 671. It was burnt and rebuilt several times. There is Backryunam which is placed on rocks in the coastline.