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Yongdu-Am, looked like dragon head, is one of popular tourist place in Jeju island. Yongdu-Am was formed by laver and its shape looks like Dragon Head. There is a legend of this place. Once upon a time, a herald came to get a herd of eternal youth. However, he was shoot by a old mountain god so part of his death body was sank and only his head was remained. This is call Youngdu-Am.




Seongsan ilchulbong

It is a crater and its height is 182m and diameter is 400m. Entire mountain is connected by one crater and there are 99 rocks near the place and called ninety-nine rocks. The appearance of the 99 rocks looks like castle so it is called Seongsan and also you can see sunrise in here so it also called ilchulbong.




Seoung-eup folk village

There are around 300 folk houses which are made by stone, mud and tatched. This place has different construction compared with inland such as Hanggyo, Hyuncheng, Sungtu and Dolharubang. This village maintains Jeju island customs and atmospheres of early 19th centry.





Love land

Theme of this park is Sex. This sculpture park is made to understand right sex culture in Jeju-island where is called "Island of Heaven".





ChunJi-Yun Waterfall

ChunJi-Yun waterfall is 22m high and the depth of water is 20m. Rocks of fantastic shape of the cliff is magnificent. It is registered as


Jusang Juli

When the lava met in sea, it hardened in six angles and you can only see this in Jeju-island. Vertical of them has different shape such as rectangular and hexagon.