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Gyeongbokgung was build as the main palace of Joseon dynasty in 1394. It was burnt down durin the Japanese invasion in 1592 and restored in 1867. It was built by using the foundations of building structure formality from China which had come down from ancient times. Although some buildings were destroyed, the main buildings are still remaining. It is important historic relics and the restoration project has been carried out.





Myeongdong is well-known shopping street in Seoul and there are many shopping centers, department stores and Jewelry shops. Not only do native people visit and also foreigners visit this place. This place is center of Korean fashion and many people are coming this place for shopping everyday.




Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa Temple was built in 1911 and it is the best temple in Korea. It was built in the middle of town. It is a head temple in Korea Buddhism and there are Sara tower in the precincts and Sakyamuni Buddha(Jinrisari1), brought from Sri Lanka in 1930, has been enshrined.




Seoul Tower

The hight of Seoul Tower is 237m and its altitude is 480m. It is an observation tower as well as total electric wave tower. The panoramic view of entire. Seoul can be seen from this tower.





It is famous for world architecture, amusement park, theme areas where you can play with animals and "safari world". This park listed on the top six amusement park in the world.


Nami Island

After Dam had been constructed, the surrounding was sank and a peak became an island. There is a grave of Joeson Dynasty General Nami and this island was named by the General Nami. After "Winter Sonata" was shoot in this place, this place became famous both native and foreign tourists.